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A community for Perth's Harry Potter fans.


Some time ago, prior the release of the seventh Potter book (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), a few potterfans living in Perth met via a site called meetup.com. Meetups were held, squeeing occurred, and fun events were planned for the book release (culminating in an awesome night queuing up outside Borders in the city, being hideously nerdish with all and sundry).

Unfortunately, the meetup group dissolved.

Some of our number still had the urge to squee, discuss and meet up with our fellow Perth Potter lovers, so we pooled our resources and a livejournal community was born!

We're planning something fun for the release of the sixth movie (HP/HBP) and would love to meet more Potterheads in our locale. It might even be fun to organise some relaxed/casual meetups before then. Join us! :D

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